User-first interface and mobile experience, with a core focus on your business goals.

We offer opportunities for inmates to acquire marketable tech skills so they can obtain employment after release.

With EVERY website and mobile app project, we coordinate with a juvenile program or Department of Corrections Facility to help inmates develop the appropriate technology skills during incarceration. Our Founder has 2 younger brothers that are currently and have been in the prison system. He has made it his mission to assist them and others in similar situations be relevant in the current job market.

Why we dominate

1. Diversity + Equity

As a black-owned business, we commit to nurturing, mentoring and being leaders in the field for other aspiring developers. We will constantly seek and develop young talent as one of our core tenants at BCL.

2. We respect your vision

We respect our clients’ vision. We will listen intently to understand your vision and opinions. We will let you know when your ideas may be out of scope or unrealistic, and may offer our own suggestions. But in the end, we will always honor what it is YOU are looking for.

3. Clear communication

Client-Developer relationships must be based on trust and clear communication. You will learn our communication style at BCL is honest, straight-forward and timely. We commit to being transparent with you regarding budget, deadlines and progress.

4. Continuous improvement

We become deeply involved in our projects, and we know technology and design are constantly evolving. We commit to educating ourselves constantly on the latest developments in technology and will be on the front end of market development.

Our Why

Blu’s Creative Lab was created because the founder’s friends and family couldn’t find an affordable designer. After being frustrated for a long time, he decided to be that affordable design agency.  His design/ development experience has been mixed with his passion for customer service. The mindset that drove him to win Employee of the Year at Ritz-Carlton, and Four-Seasons is ingrained in our company culture.

Blu's Creative Lab

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