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Being a former collegiate or professional athlete has done wonders in building character traits that I may not have gained if I wasn’t involved in sports. I learned accountability as an individual can effect a team, showing up early, preparation, and execution among many other things.

But I was able to prolong my basketball career after college. I had a difficult time during the period in which I had not landed a contract. I stayed motivated, continued to workout and surrounded myself with people that also wanted to play professional sports (not just basketball). Then came 2015 when I no longer was playing professional basketball and in my mid to late 20s could not retire off the money I earned. I now had to find a job, and transition into what I saw as a normal life.

I know my journey was not as easy as I would like to describe it to be. Having many friends that once played at the college or pro level and had to make that transition, I learned many of them had the same difficulty but have found a way.

This podcast will interview ex-college and ex-pro athletes on their transition from playing sports yesterday to waking up and not being in organized sports anymore. Because then the questions become…. What Comes Next?

We all have an athlete in the family…

I went through a tranistion phase that took years as I struggled to find my hobbies, talents, focus, and even just a job. I would like to hear and share others success and struggles in making that transition. The podcast will be launched in May featuring some of the most talented college and pro athletes you may or may not remember. If you know of any one interest in being on the podcast then share this with them.

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I couldn't figure out how to fill the time I now had free. Working out was nolonger fun or distracting so I was unsure of what to do.

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