Ty Lawson & Stedmon Harper (LottaWins Inc.)

About This Project

We work on a mixture of projects from both large and small start-ups. With our flexible payment structures and quick communication, we can deliver an MVP in less than 3 months.

LottaWins is a client that works with 2 larger companies prior to working with us as the main developers. We worked on smaller projects for the company and designed much of the UI.

They choose to work with us because of our clear/streamline communication, quick response times, and most importantly…lack of excuses.

We believe in execution or else. That might be a little dramatic but we understand we can not build anything tangible with reason. So we focus on results instead. This is a client that has 2 founders, one in LA and one in China. We make sure to communicate with them both during the hours that best suit them. This ultimately best suits us because the mutual goal of a great app is met when all parties involved are on the same page.