DC Youth Juvenile System, InnerCity Collaborative Youth

About This Project

Many of our clients are looking for a solution to the growing population of millennials taking over the purchasing power. The transfer of wealth has begun. It is being accessed by millennials through their mobile devices and companies such as The Vineyard Life is helping them build their lifestyle on Martha’s Vineyard. Giving them access to rental properties and homes to purchase through their mobile device.

The app has the following features:

  • Map of all the rental properties and homes for sale. Each listing has an agent that users can message within the app, and the video/images of the inside of the listing.
  • Video and images of events/businesses on the island. This content features content showcasing some of the less-known places on the island. Giving users the perspective of the entire island, and not just the tourist destinations.
  • Profile settings for users to be notified with push notifications if new listings become available or sold. Users have the ability to view their favorite videos, images and listings as well.

This app is managed by us as well. Why deal with the hassle of updating the listings if you don’t have to. So with a short message or email, we can update the contents of a listing or remove it.

Simple as that!